John Schladweiler

President of Schladweiler Associates, Inc.

  • President of Schladweiler Associates, Inc. which assists clients in strategies for leveraging technology to improve results. Clients have included The Clearing Corporation, Chase, three Blue Cross companies, Freightliner, Pepsi, Kaplan and Neff.
  • Has an extensive background in technology and business management.
  • Co-founded a Daimler North American firm that provides management consulting, systems integration and application hosting that in three years grew to $26 million in revenue and closed contracts worth $130 million.
  • Has served as the number two executive and Senior Vice President of Technology and Network Operations of the Internet start-up company serving the real estate industry and operating as
  • As Senior Vice President of Strategy and Product Development by Comdisco Disaster Recovery Services, he focused on service delivery profitability problems.