Kevin Dulin

President and Co-founder of Orono Investment Group, LLC

  • Currently President and Co-founder of Orono Investment Group, LLC, a boutique private equity and consulting firm, providing strategic advisory services to food, beverage, and dairy companies.
  • Over twenty-five years of experience in the food, beverage and dairy industries. Served on several international dairy foods association boards, working to set dairy economic policy for the dairy producer industry.
  • Expertise includes strategy and execution, profit and loss management, operations management, general management, organizational restructuring, transition and change, sales management, supply chain management, new product development, engineering and procurement.
  • Company affiliations: Yoplait (a $1 billion division of General Mills), Atys Group, SA (a $550 million industrial fruit manufacturer selling fruit preparation to dairy, bakery, and ice cream industries), Theresa Friedman & Sons (fruit and dairy ingredient manufacturer/distributor), Upper Lake Foods, Inc.